Fresh Ingredients


Being able to get fresh ingredients that have not been in contact with pesticides and other artificial substances as well as avoiding processed foods, are excellent ways of eating healthier and improve your health. Fresh ingredients also retain a lot more nutritious value compared to processed foods that have been adulterated, and in many cases, exposed to preservatives and other such chemicals.

Better Flavor

Nothing gives more flavor to your food than fresh ingredients. As time goes on, preserved food loses its taste, but ingredients that are fresh with no preservatives provide the authentic taste that every single ingredient has. When you buy your vegetables and fruits, make sure you eat them within a time frame of 48 hours for a much better result in flavor and nutrition.

Save Money

It is true that not always fresh ingredients are cheaper than processed ones, but in the long term, your health can be damaged by low-quality food and eventually, you will pay much more in medicines and/or treatments. And if you have a space that allows you to plant your veggies and fruits, you can save even more money!