A Healthy Body Equals a Healthy Pocketbook

If food intake is reduced by 100 calories and energy expenditure increased by 100 calories, up to 20 pounds of body fat will be lost in a year. This can result in approximately $2,000-5,000 of savings a year due to less amount of food and food related items purchased a year. The amount of food required in a day and ultimately in a year will be reduced and weight loss will occur. There will be increased motivation to eat nutritious meals and snacks, drink less sugary beverages and drink more water, consume more fruits, vegetables, legumes , nuts and seeds. There also will be motivation to eat smaller portions at home and when dining out and overall decrease the number of times used for dining out. Savings will be realized from reduced health costs, reduced medication and health procedures. Additional savings will be realized from reduced transportation costs for doctor visits and purchasing medications. Impulse buying will be reduced, the purchase of processed foods will decrease and an overall reduced loss of wages from sick days will result from preventing the establishment of chronic diseases.